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Six Voices Part Two - Lost

In 2015 we sometimes forget about the impact that living with HIV can still have on a person’s life. Here is part two of a six-part series, describing what it is like to live with HIV in Perth in 2015.

Some of us whom are part of the exciting human race become lost to humanity, family and friends, long roads with many twists and turns, fears drummed into us by ignorance and misunderstanding, that some of this exciting human race are different than the so called norm. 

Whether it be, colour or creed, religion, or sexual orientation, a need in living a lie for begin so different than the normal man in the street. Finally having to accept your difference releasing  yourself from loved ones and the live you have lived. To stand and state who you truly are knowing you have so much to lose, causing sorrow and pain in your gut, that never goes away. Then shame for your family, from graffiti written across the front of your home, for all to see, as children’s school

yard over the road. Time to move, close off, take the responsibility for your deeds, hide it, maybe

in an other world, saving children for persons hateful so called truths, of fathers so call wrongful deeds.

To live part of your life at the cost of losing close contact with children, what a terrible price to pay. But no turning back from damage you have caused, hopefully, lovingly repaid as time lengthens.

Always fear of name calling of yourself to children and children’s children, tells you to stand back, recede, don’t get too close, lose yourself in the crowd, as hurting your children; once is enough.

Even though I am what and who I am we are what and who we are but someone, society states to be different to the norm. As times I have thought, I should have lived that lie, taken the easy road, with less heartache, not so many twists and turns, less potholes to fall into along life’s way. I have been called the luck one by late partner and friends alike, as I have lived another fruitful life and through that, was given the most wonderful gift of all, my children and children’s children, who no one can take from me.

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