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Being HIV-positive won’t limit you from having a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. The current WA health laws do not specifically deal with sexual transmission of HIV. These laws do not require you to disclose your HIV status to your sexual partner; but it does require both HIV positive and negative people to take all “reasonable steps” to prevent transmission, such as through the use of condoms or dams. If you transmit HIV to a sexual partner who you have not disclosed to, you may face criminal charges for transmission of the virus.

Undetectable Viral Load

“If you've got an undetectable viral load, then the odds of infecting someone with HIV are low. This means that criminal charges are unlikely. However, we would not recommend relying on your undetectable viral load as being a "reasonable precaution" as Courts are generally rather behind the times in matters of this sort. Eventually, someone will try this defence and then we will have a better idea how the Courts will view it. You probably do not want to be the test case.”
- HIV/AIDS Legal Centre & Positive Life NSW excerpt from Sex and HIV Positive People - Having a Good Time without Getting into Trouble

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