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Syphilis outbreak sweeping Australia

STIs know no boundaries...
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Professor Basil Donovan of the Kirby Institute identifies the impact a 2011 outbreak of Syphilis in northern Queensland has had in it's ability to spread across into the Northern Territory and now into Western Australia. Since 2011, it is claimed that the outbreak experienced in the Top End of Australia has been the cause of 10 baby deaths.

It takes a simple course of antibiotics to deal with the STI, however if left untreated, Syphilis can cause blindness and permanent damage to the heart and brain.

More must be done to address this issue with the Health Department working alongside Aboriginal health organisations to inform and educate local communities in WA.

Amanda Sibosado, STI coordinator for Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services is meeting with young people in the region, and is developing materials that resonate with communities: "One campaign we've started is around the rodeo round that happens up here in the Kimberley, encouraging people to have safe sex, and letting them know where to get more information." (artwork right)

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