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Are You LGBTIQ & Have 5 Minutes to Spare?

Living Proud would love to hear about your experiences with local groups in the community.

Please complete their survey at:

This survey forms part of Living Proud's Group Inclusivity Project. The aim of this survey is to asses community perceptions about, and experiences with, local LGBTI community groups; based on their inclusivity.

This survey shall possibly form a basis for support strategies in the future. Living Proud aim to create a suite of resources to offer LGBTI groups. These resources will support longevity of service. All questions are optional. You can change your mind about participating at any time and opt out of the survey if you want to. You will not be asked any identifying questions and your persoanl information will not be given to anyone. If you would like further information about the survey please follow the link ( or contact or 08 9420 7202. 

If this survey has risen any questions or issues for you, please contact the LGBTI peer counselling service QLife between the 3-12pm 7days a week, 365 days a year.

Phone line: 1800 184 527

Web chat:

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