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900+ young people receive sex positive health messaging in a bumper month of Talks

By Carley Robbins, Community Development Officer, Youth

Talking HIV is a series of age appropriate, sex positive presentations specially designed to educate young people beyond the fundamentals of sex, and provide them with the skills they need to enjoy a safe and healthy adulthood.

On average approximately 12 talks will be booked by schools and community groups in any given month. This August we experienced a bumper month with a total of 28 individual sessions facilitated. This equated to approximately 935 young people accessing this important information which is fantastic!

At the conclusion of the talks, feedback provided by the groups commended the sessions for being engaging and fun for participants, “Informative yet so engaging and fun thanks I learnt a lot”. Offering a safe space for discussion was also mentioned as a positive aspect with clients keen to run further training in the future, “Well-presented and well balanced. Safe space created so the group was relaxed” Most importantly many participants commented that they had learnt a great deal more around these topics which is what is intended, “Fun yet interesting, learnt a few things I was not aware of”.

We always offer the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation. For those who don’t feel comfortable doing so, some places provided a question box for young people to anonymously drop their questions into which is then addressed on our next visit. This has proven very popular. Recent questions answered included, “Can you give someone a cold sore by kissing them?”, “Can all diseases from sex be cured?” and “When you have ‘The Rod’ where does the blood go?”.

With such a large number of sessions it was wonderful to have newly trained Prac Student Clare and WA AIDS Council Staff member Bec present the ‘Safe Sex No Regrets’ presentation for the first time. They were fabulous! A big thank you to both Clare, Bec, and Adam, WA AIDS Council HIV Positive Peer Educator who presented by far one of the best personal perspectives. The feedback was exceptional.

Talking HIV will continue deliver sex positive health messages throughout the year, with an exciting KISS - Keep It Safe Summer program kicking off very soon with our 2016 School Leavers.
The team can’t wait!

For more information on all training opportunities from the WA AIDS Council click here.

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