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PLDi - Who am I as a Leader?

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a participant in the 2016 October NZ PLDi workshop. As we met at the Auckland city ferry terminal full of expectation mixed with apprehension of the unknown, what the layout and already defying comfort zones of “whats the agenda?”, “how long will it take?”, meeting strangers who throughout the next few days would seem like they had been life friends, I did not anticipate it would be so inspiring, empowering and such a journey of self awareness and development.

Over the course of the next 3 days we were lead by facilitators who lived and breathed the spirit of PLDi through a series of workshops, activities, presentations and discussions. With no agenda given to us. I learnt the valuable lessons of being present in the now and to not over/fore-think activities. Also it amplified the importance as a leader to have a clear vision of an end goal that each step worked towards.

One stand out of the weekend for me was the aspect it was not an instructive/directive workshop, however it was a journey of self discovery. Rather than being told how to be leaders we were encouraged to look with in and I found within the leadership qualities and values I possessed and the style of leader I was. I found this very empowering and also it gave me a greater appreciation for those who were on this journey with me and their distinct leadership qualities, values and styles. The workshop has provided me insight and clarity to who I am as a leader within the PLHIV community, what leadership qualities I possess and self discovery in general about myself, my strengths and amongst all it has installed a greater self belief in myself.

While I had a resilience within I feel through the sharing of experiences and varied personal tools and abilities from other aspiring leaders it has provide me with a greater empathy, understanding and resilience. I look forward to seeing the seeds that I received throughout the PLDi workshop germinate and grow that I can blossom to my fullest potential.

Ryan Oliver
Western Australian NAPWHA Representative

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