Media Release - Website for LGBTIQ to rank local services


Date 3rd March 2017

Headline:  New website allows LGBTIQ community to refer and rank local services 

LGBTIQ Australians searching for friendly and respectful support services have been given a boost after a new website was launched to share community experiences about safe and friendly health and service providers.

The RAD Australia website is the result of a collaborative research project between LGBTIQ community organisations and universities, and provides a referral database website with review functions for service listings. 

The website was developed after the research of the You Learn From Each Other report, which researched the experiences of LGBTIQ young people in seeking mental health support, and how digital media tools could reduce barriers to seeking help.

The project found that LGBTIQ young people regularly turned to their peers for recommendations of health and community services that were known to be supportive and respectful to LGBTIQ young people.

“We knew that young people were facing barriers, so through the Young and Well CRC partnership we were able to collaborate to get the evidence and create a tool that aims to reduce those barriers,” says Dani Wright Toussaint, Freedom Centre Coordinator

For the report, community level research took place at Freedom Centre (Perth) and Twenty10 (Sydney), with each organisation finding a clear need to research the mental health help-seeking experiences of LGBTIQ young people to establish evidence of their needs.

Common negative experiences young people reported include health professionals being judgemental, not listening, as well as seeing sexuality and gender diversities as “just a phase”. In addition, many lacked knowledge of gender identities, were unwilling to use preferred names and pronouns, gave streamlined and impersonal service, and made young people feel that it was their responsibility to educate service providers about LGBTIQ diversity.

“Young people are asking friends and peers for advice before approaching a health service, often because of past bad experiences, or negative stories they’ve heard. We saw an opportunity to accommodate this in the RAD Australia website.”  Paul Byron, Research Project Officer

For more information about the website, please visit

RAD Australia:

‘You Learn From Each Other’: LGBTIQ Young People’s Mental Health Help-seeking and the

RAD Australia Online Directory report:

The project was a collaboration between Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW, The WA AIDS Council’s Freedom Centre, Curtin University and Western Sydney University and was funded by the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.


For further media information contact:

Dani Wright Toussaint, Freedom Centre Coordinator – WA AIDS Council, (08) 9228 0354,

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