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Hints & Tips for Safer Sex


  • You do not need to be 18 years old to purchase condoms.

  • You can get condoms and lubricants from chemists, supermarkets, convenience stores and vending machines in the toilets of pubs and clubs – you do not need a prescription!

  • Store condoms in a cool place – it is not a good idea to leave condoms in your car or wallet for long periods of time.

  • You can only use a condom once, so make sure you have more than one available!

  • Do NOT put on two condoms for extra protection – they will probably break from the extra friction. If you want extra safety, buy extra strength condoms.

  • Condoms come in different widths, lengths, thicknesses and textures – experiment to find the right one for you!

  • Non-latex condoms are available for people with a latex allergy. Click here to find out how to use condoms correctly.

  • Water-based lube also comes in different varieties including sensation lube (warming, tingle and ice), fragranced, glow-in-the-dark and flavoured. You can use these to spice things up!

  • Using lube is really important. Not only does lube increase sexual pleasure for all partners but it also decreases friction so a condom is less likely to break.

  • A small drop of water-based lubricant in the tip of the condom will promote sensitivity – give it a go!

  • If a condom breaks or comes off, visit your GP or nearest sexual health clinic for the morning-after pill, STI testing and treatment. STI testing and treatment.

  • Dams are thin rubber latex sheets that are used when performing oral to vaginal or oral to anal sex. When used properly they help reduce the risk of getting an STI. Your local sexual health clinic can tell you where you can get dams. For more information about dams click here

  • There are many different types of contraception you can use to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and you can choose which type works best for you. Remember, condoms are the only method which prevent both pregnancy and STIs at the same time.

  • When you drink alcohol or take drugs your decision making can be impaired. What seems like a good idea at the time might look a little differently the next morning. If you are going to have sex make sure you are able to consent and make sure you use protection. For more information about sexual consent click here

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