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AMA training session a success

By Reena D’Souza
Training and Development Officer

As part of the professional development sessions offered to doctors for the calendar year, we were invited to speak at the Australian Medical Association (AMA). At the conclusion of the presentation we are thrilled to report that the majority of attendees indicated increased awareness and understanding of current best practise testing and treatment options for HIV.

The turnout was fantastic with forty doctors signing up for the accredited 2 hour session. Tailored to suit the audiences level of knowledge, content covered a range of topics including recent HIV global and national and WA epidemiology, transmission, treatments, Treatment as Prevention (TasP), Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PreP), Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), various studies, stigma and discrimination, confidentiality and disclosure.

There was a high level of engagement throughout the session and feedback from the session evaluation reaffirmed this.

When asked what the main benefits or important aspects of the training were, responses included an awareness and understanding of TasP; simple ways to communicate to patients about it; importance of non-judgmental /non-presumptive language; and updates on recent studies on HIV/AIDS.

Overall the session was a success, and we very much look forward to working with the AMA on future presentations.

If you would like to organise training for your organisation please contact Reena via email rdsouza@waaids.com or phone 9482 0000.

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About the WA AIDS Council Training and Development Program

The WA AIDS Council has been delivering education and information updates to professional groups for over 20 years. Training and development, through professional group training, seeks to develop, maintain and strengthen strategic partnerships with relevant key agencies, organisations and professions (including education, scientific, health and research sector organisations) which represent or provide services to priority target groups. We will increase commitment and capacity of mainstream organisations to provide and/or support HIV, STI and BBV education and prevention and care and support service provision where applicable.

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The Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) Australia offers people living with HIV an opportunity to identify and develop leadership and resilience skills. Applications for participants are now open for the next leadership training workshop taking place from Friday 23rd- Sunday 25th June in South Australia.

• believe that strong leaders create stronger communities.
• honour the leadership of the past; value the leadership of today; and inspire leadership for the future.

The PLDI program aims to create a network of informed and empowered people living with HIV (PLHIV) who will participate in and influence their local communities. The Positive Leadership Development Institute exists with the purpose of supporting people who are living with HIV/AIDS to realise their leadership potential and increase their capacity to participate meaningfully in community life.

The curriculum objectives for the Leadership training workshop are for participants to have the opportunity:

• To understand the 5 principles and 10 commitments of leadership;
• To realise individual leadership potential;
• To participate in building a network of leaders within the PLHIV community; 
• To realise the potential and strengths that each individual brings to the network; 
• To learn about and practice leadership skills in a safe environment;
• To inspire others to become leaders;
• To encourage participants to take on facilitator and mentoring roles within the community; and
• To expand participants awareness of the PLHIV community.

This unique leadership workshop is run by and for people living with HIV. The course is constructed to have a maximum participation of 12 people plus 3 facilitators and runs over a weekend - Friday evening, all day Saturday (including the evening) and Sunday.

“As a long term advocate, attending the PLDI workshop was an unexpected highlight. I had the valuable opportunity to be reminded of the power of peer networking and revisit the incredible resilience among people living with HIV.” – PLDI Graduate, South Australia.

Interested? To apply, please complete the survey* here.
*Applications close Monday 22nd May 2017 at 9am (AEST)

IMPORTANT: The Institute has many more applications than available spots in each course (max. 12 people per workshop). Please understand that applications are assessed upon ensuring maximum diversity of participation in each course and not all PLHIV that apply will necessarily get into this course.

For all application process, sponsorship, travel and course cost enquiries please contact PLDI directly at pldi@pldiaustralia.org.au 
For general PLDI workshop enquiries contact Lisa Tomney at ltomney@waaids.com

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