Josh Francis - F2 Staff

Josh Francis - F2 Staff

Monday, 03 July 2017 08:03

Next Step Outreach Service at M Clinic

The WA AIDS Council and Next Step Alcohol and Drug Service, East Perth have worked together for a number of years, assisting each other with workforce development in their respective areas of specialty. From July 2017, Next Step will begin delivering an outreach service at the M Clinic. The service is designed to be an open-door to gay, bisexual and other homosexually active men, to access peer-based, non-judgemental, friendly and tailored services. This includes general information, education, referral and support with any difficulties they may be experiencing with their substance use.

The idea to co-locate sexual health and alcohol and other drug (AOD) services is not a new one – in fact, 56 Dean Street has modelled how this integration of services can achieve phenomenal results, when provided with sound peer support. M Clinic Manager, Justin Manuel, says, “A lot of our clients just don’t feel comfortable taking that step into an external service, especially if they’ve had poor experiences with traditional AOD services in the past, or know someone who has. The co-location within M Clinic allows clients to remain in a comfortable setting to begin accessing information and support.”

The services commence on Tuesday 4th July, and will initially run fortnightly from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Clients are free to drop-in between those times, or alternatively, can make an appointment by contacting M Clinic



Wednesday, 25 November 2015 07:16

HIV Futures 8 Survey

Applications extended to June 17th

We are seeking people living with HIV to complete the HIV Futures 8 national survey.

HIV Futures is an important project that provides information to help governments, clinical services and community groups plan programs and policy. We are keen to hear from PLHIV all over Australia – men, women and trans* people, heterosexual, gay and bisexual people.

For more info or to complete the online survey visit

Alternatively, hard copies of the survey will be available from WA AIDS Council HQ.

Thursday, 22 October 2015 03:59


Ngala kaaditj Wadjuk moort keyen kaadak nidja boodja - We acknowledge Noongar people as the original custodians of the land on which our office sits.

The WA AIDS Council has a strong connection to the values of reconciliation and a desire to be a part of this process.

The WA AIDS Council have committed to the ongoing development of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent a priority population in strategies to achieve our mission and have a strong commitment to improving the health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia.

Internally, the WA AIDS Council has been fortunate to have Andrew Burry, our CEO as a champion from the beginning of this process as well as the WA AIDS Council Board.

Additionally, all WA AIDS Council staff have been supportive and shown great interest in seeing The WA AIDS Council RAP come to fruition.

We have a working group which meets regularly to discuss the progress of our RAP which focuses on the three pillars of reconciliation – Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

Ngalang News is a newsletter produced by the WA AIDS Council RAP Working Group offering the latest news on our journey towards reconciliation.

The Council acknowledges the Whadjuk Nyungar people as the traditional owners of the land on which we operate.


Click the image below to read the
Council's Reconciliation Action Plan

Click on the image below to read
Issue 1 of Ngalang News

WA AIDS Reconciliation WA AIDS NgalangNews ReconciliationPage



Wednesday, 30 September 2015 08:44


WA AIDS in the Kimberley

Training and Development

The WA AIDS Council provides a number of training and professional development opportunities for Government and Non-Government Organisations, community groups and individual professional bodies, as well as inducting new volunteers.

Training can be catered to meet a variety of clients needs.
Any requests can be made to the Training and Development Officer on 08 9482 0000 or Contact Us

Training Opportunities:

Click on each item below for more information.

Professional Groups 

- Tailored Training for Professional Groups

- BBV Pre & Post Test Discussion Training for GPs

- BBV Informed Consent Training

Aged Care Training for PLHIV Support Workers

Youth & Young People

- Inclusive Education WA

- Talking HIV Sex Education Series

Safe Sex No Regrets


Read what our clients say about the programs:

“The training provided by WA AIDS Council was excellent and presented such that it was relevant and captured the interest of all the levels of staff in attendance. Feedback from the clinical staff was that the updated information given was new learning for them. Showing an example of the advertising that was used at the beginning of the epidemic was very effective as a tool to highlight how people would have been stigmatised at this time and how this would have effects as persons aged and outsiders in the form of service providers are needed in their lives. Presenters were enthusiastic and engaging.” (Kris Salfinger, Clinical Nurse Specialist)

“I attended this training as a CSW and found it very interesting and informative . I think it is relevant and will be beneficial in my working role. It was a very enjoyable workshop.” (Karin Curtin, Community Support Worker)


Thursday, 30 July 2015 05:33

Vision and Mission


Healthy, inclusive and safe communities


To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, sexually transmissible infections
and other blood borne viruses; and

Reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health
information and effective support and prevention.


Access and equity Integrity
Accountability Innovation
Commitment Inclusion
Community Enthusiasm


ACNC Registered Charity Logo RGB 

Please contact our offices at any stage for advice, support and direction.

Care, support and counselling are provided to all people infected, and affected by, HIV/AIDS.

To download a copy of the WA AIDS Council Constitution, click here (0.4mb)

To find out more please click on the relevant information or contact us.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 02:10

PrEP Community Update

WA AIDS Council has released a Community Update information leaflet regarding Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

Being educated about safe sex practices that fit into your lifestyle is the best way to equip yourself against HIV and STIs. Building up your ‘safe sex toolbox’ with prophylactic equipment like condoms and PrEP will assist you in making the best decisions for your health and wellbeing. 

Click the image below to view the document. 

PrEP Community Update

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 02:10

The Bottom Line

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection. Most sexually active people come into contact with it at some time in their lives. Gay men (and particularly HIV-positive gay men) are at a greater risk of developing some HPV-related cancers, compared to the general population.

For all the information you need to know about HPV visit the dedicated website 


Friday, 05 June 2015 02:04

Freedom Centre

Freedom Centre (FC) is here for young people (under 26) to support each other and their communities to be informed, happy and healthy about their sexuality, sex and gender.

Freedom Centre is run by young people for young people using a peer support model. Peer support is where people get support from other people who share similar experiences. We are funded by the Mental Health Commission to prevent mental illness and promote mental health, aiming to:

  • increase community connectedness and engagement (or reduce social isolation),
  • provide relevant information about all aspects of health & wellbeing, and;
  • encourage& support help-seeking.

We do this through a peer facilitated informal safe social space as it’s most empowering and accessible to young people.

Visit the Freedom Centre website at or the blog at

Trans* Pathway 

The Freedom Centre, along with partner organisations, recently conducted a survey to improve services for Trans* young people. 

Click here to read the report findings 

Friday, 05 June 2015 02:04

M Clinic

M Clinic 1 2M Clinic is Perth’s only sexual health clinic that caters exclusively to men who have sex with men. M Clinic is an appointment only clinic that provides free, confidential, non-judgemental STI testing & treatment.

M Clinic works on a peer-based model, combining integrated health promotion with clinical service provision, with the aim of reducing acquisition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and other sexually transmissible infections (STI’s) at a population health level. 

The clinic provides a full range of STI and HIV testing and also provides vaccination for hepatitis A and B and human papillomavirus (HPV), the main cause of genital warts.

It also gives guys a chance to engage with other health and related services that are on offer to them in Perth by carrying out appropriate referrals.

To read more and make a booking, visit the M Clinic website here.



Friday, 05 June 2015 02:03


The Zone paddock KISS team 06

Young people are particularly vulnerable to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), including HIV, and this risk is increased when coupled with alcohol and other drug consumption.

KISS (Keep it Safe Summer) provides young people with education, information & resources throughout the summer months around sexual health, alcohol and other drug use.

Starting at Leavers in Dunsborough and Rottnest and various other summer events such as Sets on the Beach, Southbound and University Orientation
days to keep young people safe across WA.

Find KISS on Facebook here:


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Our Mission

To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, other blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections. To reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health information and effective support and prevention services.