Izzy Canonigo - F2 Staff

Izzy Canonigo - F2 Staff

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Alice Poli


The Artist
Alice Poli is an Italian photographer and artist, born in Ravenna and working with traditional and digital media in Perth. She has explored various photographic social projects, taking portraits in an orphanage in Tanzania (Africa) to working with Aboriginal women portraits in Northern Australia.

The Works
In her piece she explores the theme of self. You are the most important thing you have and the most important person in your life. It’s all about you. You can go down underwater in your life but you can also rise again.


Camilla Loveridge

CamilliaLoveridge   The Artist
Camilla Loveridge holds an MCA, major Printmaking. She has a passion for mark-making and line through drawing and painting, and currently connects people with a disability to art through her work at DADAA. She has taught VA in schools and at TAFE, and has exhibited around Australia and internationally.

The Works
This work is a collaboration with the poetry of playwright, Dr John Pratt. It consists of 2 steel panels, layered with 2 small steel plates and photographic transfers. Its imagery is a binary fusion of the stark and the sublime, a response to the poetry and words around the theme Zero.

Angela Stewart


The Artist
Angela Stewart has pursued an interest in portraiture for more than three decades, her paintings and drawings often make stylistic and thematic reference to Renaissance art and historical portraiture. She has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally, and has been acquired by a long list of private and public collections.

The Works
Her work uses oval and circular frames which link beautifully to the Zero theme. These cameos are small portals suggesting part of a costume, a landscape or perhaps a distant memory. A place of hope, and joy and remembrance.

Christiaan Moes

WA AIDS ZeroNewsItem  

The Artist
Christiaan Moes is an artist with a strong focus in realistic and fetishistic painting, based in Melbourne. Graduating from RMIT in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Art, his work critiques social identity, sexuality, death and our perceptions of animal-human relationships through anthropomorphic lenses.

The Works
The work refers to the concept of 'absolute zero' by depicting HIV in its microscopic form and isolating it in a state of complete stillness, frozen in time. Removing the lens of scientific knowledge, the virus is unconfined and drawn into the world of the human condition.

Daevid Anderson

DaevidAnderson   The Artist
Daevid is a visual artist currently living and working in Perth. Daevid has participated in a number of exhibitions across Australia and USA and has been a finalist in the Erotic Art Prize in 2007, the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and the Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award in 2012 and 2016.

The Works
These are conceptual pieces - the first is a series of four hand studies spelling out the work ‘Zero’ in Australian sign language. The second piece shows several pieces of paper crumpled into the shape of a Zero.

Deborah Elkes

Elkes   The Artist
Deborah Elkes has created crocheted gowns for local Perth drag queens – this is both her hobby and her love. Her work has been entered in the “Common Threads” Stretch Art Festival in Mandurah in 2015.

The Works
The mum of two beautiful gay sons, and many friends in the LBGTIQ community, Deborah’s world is very much affected by HIV and the threat and stigma surrounding it. Her handcrafted crocheted gown is made with love and she wants to express love and the idea that ZERO 2106 is not a maybe, but a MUST.

Emily McGuire


The Artist
Emily McGuire is a visual artist based in Fremantle, and graduated as an architect from the University of Melbourne. Emily utilises her passion for spatial design, (architecture) and materials in her painting, drawing, wall art, silk prints, steel screens and sound space work.

The Works
The work explores Emily’s relationship of renewal and her own ‘reset to zero’ and rebalance through meditation, art and her connection to nature. It uses crystalline and amorphic pattern images to represent visual and tangible connections. Zero to reset the switch.

Greg Paton

GregPaton   The Artist
Starting relatively late in life with creative endeavours, Sydney based part time artist Greg Paton constructs scenes using models and bonsai/moss. Models are then photographed using a canon 5D, 100mm macro lens. Greg has sold several miniature landscapes and continues to expand on this body of work.

The Works
For the Zero Exhibition Greg is constructing a miniature landscape using (model train) humans and trees, a fridge magnet, felt shavings, plastic, cardboard and pebbles; depicting urban park users admiring a sculptural ZERO. This will be photographed with a macro lens before upscaling the print; playing with 'micro' becoming 'macro'.

Guundie Kuchling


The Artist
Guundie Kuchling was born in Salzburg, Austria and has a Masters of Fine Arts from Vienna. Her oil paintings, water colours, lino prints and sculptured are represented in collections and have been exhibited internationally. Guundie also creates picture books for children and adults.

The Works
Guundie's work investigates the fertile space opened up by this infinitely malleable non-number. Guundie's exploration begins with the visual and moves beyond the literal to the symbolic realm. Resembling the circle and oval, zero contains nothing and everything. Zero is pure potential. To give it significance is our decision.

James Giddy

JamesGiddy   The Artist
With a passion for the outdoors, James Giddy has been painting his natural surroundings from an early age. His work looks at the greater context of the subject matter, often abstracting two aspects of an environment to become one in both his studio and public art works.

The Works
The work stems from James’ interest in the continuous journey into the unknown. The composition depicts the journey to zero and the unknown that might occur along the way.

Jennifer Sulaj

JenniferSulaj   The Artist
Moving from St Kilda, Jennifer has a studio at PS Art Space. Jennifer’s influence on the art process is ‘Automatic Drawing’, drawing with no plan or conscious control. Her last solo Exhibition was ‘Coeur Bleu’ (2014), and last year exhibited as part of 'Variations on a Theme', Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle.

The Works
The inspiration for Jennifer’s work for Zero is a very personal one. Her connection to HIV and loss, gives her a strong belief in having zero judgement and being open about the illness. This will enable people to see the inter-connections we all have and eliminate judgement.

Jo Darvall


The Artist
For Jo Darvall, art and storytelling are intrinsically linked. A love of story inspires her work and invests it with tension and texture. Originally from Melbourne, Darvall now works in Fremantle with artwork featured in locations across Australia, and private collections in New York, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Works
Zero relating to nothing + 0 strongly relates to her work NUMINOUS - derived from the Latin meaning ‘arousing spiritual or religious emotion’.

“Imagery or mark making is central to my investigation of surface, the texture and lyrical relationship as Zero relates to Numinous, nothing has a family of numbers.”


Kelwin Wong

KelwinWong   The Artist
Kelwin Wong is an architect and graphic designer based in Perth who grew up in Brunei Darussalam. Working between graphic pens, digital illustrations and motion graphics, Kelwin seeks to highlight and elevate the cultural heritage of Perth for enjoyment by a global audience.

The Works
In Brunei sharia law was passed making homosexuality illegal. The inauguration of the law caused a displacement in Wong’s sense of nationality.

His work will depict the Brunei jawi script glyph for ‘zero’, referencing his personal urgency for zero discrimination, especially for those living in sharia governed countries.

Matthew Thorley

WA AIDS ZeroNewsItem  

The Artist
Matthew Thorley is an abstract visual artist working in response to spatial aspects of the built environment. Thorley has exhibited locally and nationally while recently winning awards at the 2016 Melville Art Prize and Joondalup CIAA.

The works
The abstract drawing relates to Thorley’s childhood fears and his growth to overcome challenges through experience over time. Soft forms and tonal elements juxtaposed against strong linear structure illustrate complexity through this journey, echoing similar emotional difficulties for those affected by AIDS and the loved ones that support them.


Nicole Buck

NicoleBuck   The Artist
Nicole is an emerging contemporary artist who often sees the unnoticed detail of a subject and artistically explores the possibilities instigated by what others have overlooked. Relying on feeling and emotion rather than a sketch or plan, Nicole allows her personal expression to control the process of creation.

The Works
Nicole’s artwork will be an abstract representation of blood cells showing the connection between blood and HIV/AIDS.

Paul Kaptein


The Artist
Perth based artist Paul Kaptein works primarily in sculpture and drawing with practices informed by ideas of time, space, process and gesture. Winner of the prestigious Mandorla Art Award 2014, Kaptein recently showcased in New York. His works are displayed across Western Australia with significant private national and international collections. (50)

The Works
Kaptein’s piece will be an erased self-portrait drawing. Erasure has connotations of wiping or rubbing out, removal and getting back to nothingness, zero. Kaptein will use a process that captures the gesture of movement and gives form to the action of erasure.

Rachel Doller

RachelDoller   The Artist
Rachel Doller is a mixed media artist based in Fremantle. With bold use of shape, texture and colour, Rachel’s works are abstract with a strong graphic feel. From considered compositions to experimental arrangements, Rachel aims to show how natural textures, man-made surfaces and geometric shapes can work harmoniously together.

The Works
Rachel will create a piece that, like the propaganda posters of 20th century, act as a call to action. Not only will the main element: hands, literally represent the zero shape, they also express the idea that anyone and their two hands can help with ‘Getting to Zero.'

Ruby Smedley


The Artist
Ruby is a Perth based visual artist whose work is focused on capturing candid honest emotion. Her raw and emotive style allows a response to these themes and their cause. Ruby has recently concluded exhibitions in Perth and New York.

The works
Ruby’s piece is inspired by the uncompromising and honest self - by being open and honest simultaneously creates strength and vulnerability. Ruby feels this is the foundation of conversations that aid in reducing stigma and judgement.

Photo by Michael Evans

Sioux Tempestt

SiouxTempestt   The Artist
Originally from England, Sioux has called Perth home for many years. Working predominantly with acrylic paint Sioux includes aerosol, watercolour and ink in pieces. With a background in graphic design, Sioux also produces art digitally, with work held in private and public collections.

The Works
Continuing Sioux’s exploration of human frailty, communication and empathy, her work explores how we relate and interact; how we perceive others and take for granted life's simple joys; how all humans are flesh and bone no matter race, religion, sexual preference; and how all are susceptible to pathogens.


Virginia Ward

VirginiaWard   The Artist
Exhibiting over twenty years, Virginia Ward’s works have been shown in many world exhibitions, in Australia and the USA, UK to the Philippines and China. Her work is represented in many publications, catalogues and articles. Virginia lectured in Sculpture 1992-2004 and wrote Curtin Distant Learning OnLine teaching program for 2 and 3 year Sculpture.

The works
Virginia works with mass produced offcuts of human industry to explore the materialization of ‘No Thing’ in a literal way. The discards are meaningless, yet at the same time the materials’ potential formations are inherently imbued with universal truths and archetypal language that explore the significance of Nothing, zero.

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WAAC Annual Report 2015 / 2016

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    HIV Mobility

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Positive Caring Handbook

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Women with HIV Living Well Website

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Ryan Oliver

“It is an honour to be one of Western Australia's National Association of People Living with HIV (NAPWHA) representatives for 2016. I am an ambitious, energetic and passionate individual and I take great pride in my honesty and realistic approach to the issues we face as People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and life in general. I have the maturity and ability to understand and appreciate the serious nature of issues and experiences. My bright personality and humour can shed a ray of light on a dark situation.

The battle to fight stigma in the community is one that is real and I believe begins with ourselves, PLHIV. Our solidarity as a community is our strength. I strongly believe in working together as a united body as we can not only stop the ever-growing stigma around this virus but we can also grow, not just as strong individuals but as a community.

2016 marks 8 years since my diagnosis and an unknown time before then since I was infected. I, like some individuals today had a fear of receiving a positive result as it was only through routine pre surgery testing that my positive life began. I believe this fear is fostered through a lack of education and awareness of what it means to be living positively and fear/stigma of becoming positive whether race, gender, sexuality, age and culture.

My previous community involvement in the HIV and GBLTI communities include; voluntary assistance with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) and committee member of a swim team, Different Strokes Wellington (DSW). During my time at DSW we hosted the swim meet for the Asia Pacific Out Games and established the capital swim meet as part of Rainbow Sports weekend.

I am passionate in sharing my story and experience in the hope that taking the time to discuss the issues that we face today will make a difference to others within the community. Born in New Zealand and living in Japan for 5years, I now call Perth home. I embrace my Maori and Kiwi heritage as well as the many cultures of my adopted country. I bring a fresh, energetic and personable approach as one of Western Australia's NAPWHA representatives. My aspirations for NAPWHA are to become a stronger and more positive community solidified by the strength of its supporting individuals.

KIA KAHA – Stand Strong”

Our Mission

To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, other blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections. To reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health information and effective support and prevention services.