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Izzy Canonigo - F2 Staff

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Disclosing your HIV status - WA Guide

Friday, 18 December 2015 00:10

Volunteer - Thank You

Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering with the WA AIDS Council.


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STYLEAID is a premier fashion fundraiser which showcases the best in local and international fashion in support of the WA AIDS Council

STYLEAID 2016: Friday August 5 - Grand Ballroom, Crown Perth TICKETS ON SALE NOW

Spread the love, spread the cost: Spread the cost of your STYLEAID ticket keeping your monthly budget looking stylish! Contact Mark Reid for details, or to book your tickets today: mreid@waaids.com or phone 08 9482 0000

STYLEAID History Click throughSTYLEAID began its life with the WA AIDS Council 19 years ago. Tami McMahon (then the Fundraising coordinator for the Council) explored and looked at events around the world that had been launched to raise funds and awareness around HIV and came across an event that was held in both New York and San Francisco. This event incorporated fashion, hair, makeup, fine dining and an auction to raise funds. This idea had been implemented, a year before in Melbourne and was named STYLEAID. This was a name that resonated locally and so the moniker STYLEAID was employed in Perth.

Catching the attention of Perth’s Fashionistas and high profile community members, STYLEAID is the event to be seen at in Perth. Guests come together in the Crown Perth Grand Ballroom to regale with champagne, a specially designed menu, live entertainment with an exclusive look at upcoming Spring/Summer 2016/17 collections of some of the most talented designers both locally and internationally in the STYLEAID Fashion Parade.

The 2015 event offered guests a showcase of 17 designers and local retailers including Aurelio Costarella, Zhivago and One Fell Swoop. View the full list of designers from the show here.

2016 marks the nineteenth year of STYLEAID. Since this time, much needed funds have been raised to help the vital support programs dedicated to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS through the work of the WA AIDS Council.

STYLEAID 2016 - Tickets On Sale Now

$400 Couture VIP Limited remaining
$280 Classic Style 
Tables of 10

Spread the love, spread the cost Spread the cost of your STYLEAID ticket keeping your monthly budget looking stylish! 

Contact Mark Reid for details, or to book your tickets today: mreid@waaids.com or phone 08 9482 0000

Get involved

STYLEAID relies on a huge team of volunteers during preparations as well as on event day to make it all happen. If you would like to get involved, click here.


To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact Mark Reid, mreid@waaids.com or phone 08 9482 0000

Sponsors of previous events include MAC Cosmetics, Network Ten, Nova 93.7 and Curtin University.

Get social
For the latest news on STYLEAID, follow us at:

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Here are just a few photos from the 2015 event STYLEAID GOGO. View all the photos on Facebook here.
Photo Credit: John Koh / Matt Ranford



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Being HIV-positive won’t limit you from having a fulfilling and satisfying sex life. The current WA health laws do not specifically deal with sexual transmission of HIV. These laws do not require you to disclose your HIV status to your sexual partner; but it does require both HIV positive and negative people to take all “reasonable steps” to prevent transmission, such as through the use of condoms or dams. If you transmit HIV to a sexual partner who you have not disclosed to, you may face criminal charges for transmission of the virus.

Undetectable Viral Load

“If you've got an undetectable viral load, then the odds of infecting someone with HIV are low. This means that criminal charges are unlikely. However, we would not recommend relying on your undetectable viral load as being a "reasonable precaution" as Courts are generally rather behind the times in matters of this sort. Eventually, someone will try this defence and then we will have a better idea how the Courts will view it. You probably do not want to be the test case.”
- HIV/AIDS Legal Centre & Positive Life NSW excerpt from Sex and HIV Positive People - Having a Good Time without Getting into Trouble

Monday, 26 October 2015 08:54

PLHIV & Travel

Being HIV-positive shouldn’t restrict you from travelling and seeing the world! If you are travelling it is a good idea to take your HIV medication with you for the entire length of your trip, plus a bit extra in case of emergencies. We recommend always taking your medication as carry-on, rather than in the under carriage, just in case your bags gets lost!

       If you are travelling internationally here are a few additional tips:

  • Carry a letter from your current HIV Doctor
  • Book an appointment with a travel Doctor. If you are going to Africa, Asia or South America you may require your Yellow Fever or Japanese Encephalitis vaccinations. You will be required to record this in your Vaccination Record Card and take this booklet with you when you travel. You may be required to show this document at customs. Should you be unable to be vaccinated, a letter from a Doctor will allow you exemption – discuss with your clinician.
  • Check the country visa and residency guidelines at www.hivtravel.org You can check that this information is still current by making direct contact with embassies, or alternatively contact the WA AIDS Council..
  • Travel insurance is available for people living with HIV. You can disclose your health condition in a simple online form with https://www.covermore.com.au

Should you wish to have your HIV covered you will need to:

  1. Request coverage for an existing medical condition
  2. Select HIV as your condition
  3. Answer questions regarding commencement of HIV treatment
  4. Provide details on your latest CD4 count and viral load
  5. An additional premium applies for all existing medical conditions

The following companies could potentially cover HIV as a pre-existing medical condition:

- AHM, RAC Travel: https://travelinsurance.rac.com.au
- Australia Post Travel Insurance: http://auspost.com.au/travel-insurance.html 
- 1 Cover Travel Insurance: https://www.1cover.com.au 

It is extremely important to read the fine print in the travel disclosure statement of the company you’re considering before purchasing travel insurance. It may also be worthwhile giving the travel insurance company a call to get further information.

For further information about travelling check out:

  • NAPWHA - Australian specific information for HIV-positive travellers
  • AIDSmap - A comprehensive guide on travelling. Be aware this is information specific to UK citizens, but covers some important fundamentals
  • UNAIDS - information on the global commitment to eliminate HIV travel restrictions



Monday, 02 November 2015 08:51

PLHIV & Disclosure

Disclosure of your HIV-positive status can cause anxiety. Although you may feel pressured, it is good to know the facts before jumping in and disclosing in situations were it is unnecessary.

Medical/dental: There is no legal requirement that you disclose your HIV status before undergoing any type of medical examination or treatment, including dentistry. However, it may be wise to disclose since HIV medications may interact with other medications; or the progression or treatment of other conditions may be affected by HIV infection. Under such circumstances, failure to disclose may lead to serious consequences for your health. Your treatment for other conditions may have to be modified to allow for the effects of HIV infection and HIV medications, and your doctor or dentist can only do this if they are fully informed. Discuss with your regular HIV specialist whether disclosure to another practitioner is medically necessary.

View the WA Guide to Disclosing your HIV Status by clicking on the image below.

Depending on the circumstances (i.e. what precisely was said, and the manner in which the disclosures were made), you may be able to apply for an apprehended violence order to restrain the person from continuing to harass you. If the person came to know of your HIV status as the result of an intimate relationship there is also a small possibility that you may be able to sue for a breach of confidence. Finally, if the person’s comments are defamatory, then you may also be able to sue under defamation law.

Unfortunately, both defamation and breach of confidence actions are costly and carry a significant risk for applicants because if you lose you will end up liable for the other person’s legal costs. These actions are also only worthwhile where the other party has considerable assets, as the principal remedy is economic damages.

Contact the WA AIDS Council for initial discussion if someone is telling people that you are HIV positive without your consent. Remember, also, that if someone such as your employer or landlord starts treating you differently because they have found out about your HIV status, then this may be unlawful discrimination and you may be able to do something about this.

HIV Disclosure & Local Legislation: You are subject to the local laws of the country that you are visiting, therefore it’s important to have some knowledge of local legislation with regards to HIV disclosure when travelling. It is illegal for HIV-positive individuals to have sex without documenting disclosure in some jurisdictions and some PLHIV have been prosecuted without onward transmission occurring.



More Information - HIV, the Law & Disclosure
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