Matt Ranford

Matt Ranford

Late yesterday, February 18, representatives from Magenta, NAPWHA, Scarlet Alliance, SWOP NSW and the WA AIDS Council produced a joint media release following media reports of an alleged HIV transmission.

While we cannot comment on a case before the courts, we can comment on the standard of reporting. Depictions of the case in the media have been sensationalised, highly stigmatising and disrespectful. The misinformed and stigmatising media reporting that often accompanies these cases undermines public health education messages and creates an environment of fear in which people are reluctant to test, and people with HIV cannot disclose their status.

To read the full media release, click here.




Tuesday, 09 February 2016 05:56

Highlights from FAIRDAY 2016

Pride FAIRDAY 2016 was another huge success with a big crowd braving the heat to support their community. 

WA AIDS Council staff and volunteers represented in big numbers this year, from the Safe Sex Angels spreading the love with safe sex packs, to the folks conducting the Gay Periodic Survey, and of course, the famous WA AIDS photo booth.

A tropical oasis inside the booth, including an ice bath, gave visitors some much needed relief from the sun - and created some iconic images.

The theme for this year is the I GIVE A F**K campaign. This campaign is for gay men who care about their sexual health - and the community's - and want to take responsibility, with the knowledge, commitment and tools available to do so. We'll be talking condoms, PrEP, viral load and more throughout the campaign, so stay tuned!  

Thank you so much to PRIDE WA, our staff and volunteers, and of course, all of you for coming along and being part of a really great day!

Want to continue to #GIVEAFUCK? Come to the second forum for guys on PrEP on Monday 15th February 2016 at Loton Park Tennis Club. All the details are here

Here are the images:

The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) have asked the QLD State Government to honour it's target of zero new HIV transmissions by 2020, by introducing a trial of PrEP in the state, to match those conducted in New South Wales and Victoria. 

"I do not want the situation in 2020 where we knew we had mechanisms to prevent HIV transmission in 2016, but did nothing", said Michael Scott, Executive Director of the QuAC.
A similar trial would be welcomed in Western Australia. The WA AIDS Council recently hosted a community forum on PrEP, and the overwhelming consensus among participants that the use of HIV medication as prevention is a step forward in the prevention of HIV. 
Read the orignal article here. The original press release can be found here.
Details of the second PrEP forum, to be held in February 2016, will be available soon. 
Friday, 29 January 2016 03:50

NAPWHA's new HIV Cure Website is Live

Our friends at the National Association of People with HIV have just launched a new HIV cure website. It's amazing!

See for yourself here.

HIV cure website




Wednesday, 27 January 2016 07:43

10 Proven Tips for your best vacation sex ever

Well... we book our hotels months prior, plan out a daily itinerary, pack & repack - so why not plan ahead for our sexual encounters? They did the research, so it must be legit. Don't forget to add your condoms (they'll fit nicely in your bum bag with your camera) & contraception to the packing list, for the best (safe) vacation sex ever.

Read the full list here



What do you do when the people responsible for implementing PrEP education programs don’t trust the science? What if the outreach workers and HIV test counselors believe they’re required to “push” PrEP at the expense of behavioral interventions that have been the focus of prevention programs for years? These are people in prime positions to provide PrEP education to key populations, but suggesting that otherwise healthy clients start a daily medication for prevention is a tough pill for some front-line staff to swallow.

Read the full story here



As we come to the end of 2015, let's have a look back at some of the best TED and TED X talks from 2015.

Here, Scott Fried explains what it is like to be open with your HIV status on mobile hook-up apps like Grindr.

He finds a mix of discrimination, ignorance and then ultimately praise, when he uses his position to educate. 

Take a look here.

Thursday, 17 December 2015 02:47

STYLEAID Interactive History

STYLEAID began its life with the WA AIDS Council over 18 years ago.  Tami McMahon (then the Fundraising coordinator for the Council) explored and looked at events around the world that had been launched to raise funds and awareness around HIV and came across an event that was held in both New York and San Francisco. This event incorporated fashion, hair, makeup, fine dining and an auction to raise funds.  This idea had been implemented, a year before in Melbourne and was named STYLEAID. This was a name that resonated locally and so the moniker STYLEAID was employed in Perth.

In Perth, the events that were raising the most funds at that time were events that incorporated a formal dining experience with a range of entertainment which made guests feel like they were not only supporting a charity, but also getting value for their dollar. Hence, the format for the WA version of STYLEAID was born.

In that time STYLEAID has evolved from showcasing designers from around Australia and New Zealand to exclusively showcasing WA designers and also focussing on some of the smaller local fashion retailers.  The event has always been held at the end of July or the beginning of August to focus on the upcoming spring/summer collections and to be the first WA parade that allows guests to experience the collections in a truly original group showcase.

In the past 18 years, the event has grown in stature and reputation and consistently managed to be considered as one of the ten best events for the year. It has maintained its reputation as the number one fashion fundraising event in Perth. 



Naming rights sponsor Curtin University and Auto Classics MINI Cooper returned for a second year and re joined continuing major sponsors CROWN Perth, LUX Events, ZOMP and M.A.C.

The number of sponsors was increased in 2015 from 48 to 50 the most sponsors over the 18 years of the event.

The re-signing of Single Vineyard Sellers as sponsor of both Highgate wines and Champagne Jacquart added 2 important and distinct brands to the SYLEAID event. Other significant sponsors for 2015 were: European Foods, San Pellegrino, Matso’s, NOVA 937, Network Ten, L’Oreal, Kevin Murphy, La Biostethique, SCOOP Magazine, Bam Creative, Koro Fine Australian Jewellery, Stockman Paper Merchants, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, HartBlack, Estee Lauder, Funky Bunches, MUSE Bureau, Shu Uemura, Serico, Ketel One Vodka, Johnnie Walker, Richard Jefferson Photography, the Plastic Sandwich Company, Lister Gallery, Spice Digital Print, Your Barman, Catering Essentials and Chadwick Models, Scene Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management and CSA Models.

The hosts for GoGo were Narelda Jacobs and Aaron Cash with performances by Nylon Girlgroup, the BernieBernard Dancers, the Merindas, DJ Hello Sailor and the CSA Boys perched in the Mini Cooper sports car on arrival.

The following designers showed their spring/summer 2015/2016 colections at STYLEAID GOGO:

Aurelio Costarella, Ae`lkemi, Atlas Divine, Dilettante, Fenella Peacock, KINN, Monster Alphabets, Morrison, One Fell Swoop, Rhodes & Beckett, Salasai, Varga Girl, Wolfgang and Sons, Yuuki and Zhivago, as well as the 2015 Zomp Creative Design winner I Love Mr Mittens.

Boyd Fraser returned to host the on stage auction and M.A.C presented WA AIDS Council Chair Jonathan Hallett with a cheque for $100,000 from the sale of VIVA Glam lipsticks here in Perth from the M.A.C AIDS Fund.

This year the committee consisted of: Gino Premici (Committee Chair) ,Mark Reid (STYLEAID Event Manager) ,Aly May (Creative Director), Annette Hasluck, David Trapp, Euan Black, Carol Mackie (Creative Director for Make up), Sue Morgan (Creative Director for Hair), Grant Capriotti, Melanie Poole, Antonella Cumming and Paul Baines.

The STYLEAID Photographic Exhibition returned in 2015 with its largest exhibition to date. Showing at the Lister Gallery in Subiaco there were over 105 photographs submitted for inclusion in the exhibition and 34 were chosen to be exhibited and to go on sale to raise funds for the Council.

A packed house attended the opening night of the exhibition which ran for 10 nights and included the 6 GoGo hero shots that were taken by Richard Jefferson with styling and inspiration from Aly May.

Photographers who were involved in the exhibition included: Stef King, Matt Ranford, BK, the Shift Collective, Richard Jefferson, Christine Kopti, Chantel Concei, Katherine Turpin, Craig Williams, Carlo Fernandes, Penny Lane and Kelly Bucksey.


2014 marked the 17th year that STYLEAID has been run as the main fundraising event for the WA AIDS Council.

2014 saw the signing of Curtin University as naming rights sponsor and as the host venue for the re launch of the STYLEAID photograph exhibition. There was also the inclusion of Mini Cooper, through Auto Classics as a new cash sponsor.

Crown Perth remained a strong and steady community venue partner of the event with STYLEAID and the WA AIDS Council being one of only four charities to get major sponsorship of events through them.

The VIP experience, over the past 2 years has evolved into a premium part of STYLEAID and the feedback and discussion that occurs about this aspect of the event ensures that these tables are always sought after and sell early.

Single Vineyard sellers joined STYLEAID with Highgate wines and also as the supplier of Champagne Jacquart for the launch event and the VIP experience and VIP tables at the event. They joined naming rights sponsor Curtin University, Mini Cooper, M.A.C, European Foods, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, Stockman Paper Merchants, Baci, San Pellegrino, Braziliano Coffee, Peroni Italy, Serico, Kevin Murphy, L’Oreal, SCOOP Magazine, Estee Lauder and ZOMP who continued their involvement as sponsor of the STYLEAID Creative Designer Award.

The following designers showed their spring/summer 2014/2015 ranges at STYLEAID Mythic:

Aurelio Costarella, Ae`lkemi, Atlas Divine, Dilettante, 33 Poets, Fenella Peacock, Flannel, Monster Alphabets, Morrison, One Fell Swoop, Salasai. Wolfgang and Sons, Yuuki, Zhivago, Zsadar and 10 student designers from a range of the local design schools here in Perth who created designs for the WA Ballet opening to the parade.

Over the past 7 years, one of the highlights of the STYLEAID parade has been the showcasing of the range of the winner of the ZOMP STYLEAID Creative Designer. The winner was Georgina Lewis and Karen Adie of Convict Bags who showcased their latest collection of locally made bags.

The hosts were from Dancing with the Stars – Carmelo Pizzino and Alana Patience. Other entertainment on the night was provided by DJ Hello Sailor, Aerialists Kinetica, Harpist Michelle Smith, Drag performers Stryker Myer and Ash Jones, 2 dance numbers by Alana Patience and Carmelo Pizzino, another drag show by Lauchlan Edward Bain and vocalist Elise Lynelle.

The auction on the night was conducted by Boyd Fraser from Fraser Auctions and once again a cheque was presented to the WA AIDS Council Chair from M.A.C AIDS Fund from the sale of VIVA Glam Lipsticks in WA.


With the departure of event coordinator Stephanie Patniotis after the 2012 event, Mark Reid returned to the roll of event coordinator. Performers for Connect included Ali Bodycoat, the WA Ballet, the WA Opera, Amanda Dee, Lochlan Brown and the Collective Live.

Once again the campaign shots were shot by Richard Jefferson with the styling and creative brief coming from stylist supremo Aly May. The Connect them was very androgynous in its approach and featured Tane Andrews and Narcisa Music. It created some great buzz in the media as both models had a very similar look and it was hard to distinguish between the two and spoke to the issues of androgyny that were swirling around the fashion scene at the time.

Burswood Resort changed its name to Crown Perth and remained as one of the major sponsors for the event along with M.A.C, Aveling Homes, AutoMasters, ZOMP, new champagne Canard Duchene, Direct Travel and Cruise, Swings & Roundabouts, Club Med, Ketel One Vodka, L’Oreal, LUX events, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, Stockman Paper, the Herdsman, WA Ballet, WA Opera, Koro Fine Australian Jewellery, Peroni Italy, SCOOP Publishing, Network 10, Funky Bunches, Kevin Murphy, Goldwell, Jean Paul Gaultier, aussie bombshell and Kova sound.

The Connect committee was chaired by Beau Meakins and included Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Grant Capriotti, Carol Mackie, Sue Morgan, Desiree Kerr, David Trapp, Tony Salom, Tamara Day, Paul O’Connor and Mark Reid.

The STYLEAID Magazine evolved further and became a more complete magazine that featured not just fashion but also sections on food and wine, travel and homewares and interiors. There was a full editorial team for the first time and the magazine grew to 124 pages.

A special menu was created by pairing 3 of the top restaurants at Crown for the first time – Modo Mio, Nobu and LaVie to add yet another dimension to the dining element of the event.

Also created for 2013 was the STYLEAID VIP experience that included a pre event champagne reception at LaVie Champagne Bar at Crown featuring Champagne Canard Duchene and hosted by Peroni Italy. This was attended by all guests who had purchased a $4000 VIP table and the 3 major sponsors of the event. This event took place from 6 – 7pm before the red carpet arrivals for the main event.

On the runway for Connect were: Aurelio Costarella, ae`lkemi, Bikini Atoll, Dilettante featuring Vivienne Westwood, Empire Rose, 33 Poets, Fenella Peacock, Flannel, Morrison, NikkiLouezza, One Fell Swoop, Salasai. Zhivago, Zsadar and 9 student designers from a range of the local design schools in Perth who created designs for the WA Ballet finale.

Over the past 6 years one of the highlights of the STYLEAID parade has been the showcasing of the range of the winner of the STYLEAID Creative Designer. This year the winner was Steph Audino who showcased her new spring summer collection. ZOMP Shoez came on board as the provider of $5000 cash which was awarded to Steph Audino to assist with the promotion and production of her new range.


STYLEAID 2012 marked the 15th STYLEAID and the theme chosen was Happy Birthday. The Happy Birthday Campaign shoot was shot by Richard Jefferson and styled once again by Aly May. was the naming rights sponsor and major sponsors for the event were: Burswood Entertainment Complex, M.A.C, BETTS, Braziliano Coffee, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, San Pellegrino, Gage Roads Brewing, Vinaceous Wines, Club Med, Gatecrasher Advertising, L’Oreal, LUX Events, Champagne Nicolas Feuillette, Network Ten, MIX 94.5, Travelworld Inglewood, Willie Creek Pearls, Ketel One Vodka, Baci and the three top Perth model agencies once again – Chadwick Models, Scene Model Management and Vivien’s Model Management.

Ali Bodycoat and Tim Gossage hosted the event and the performers for Happy Birthday were: Ash Brockman, the Dance Collection and DJ Harrison Kennedy.

In a first for STYLEAID a special app was created by Gatecrasher Advertising that enabled some special treats for guests including a pass the parcel that offered guests the chance to win some great prizes and to also upload photos and tweets from the event live to the STYLEAID website.

The STYLEAID Photographic exhibition did not run in 2012.

Designers who were selected to showcase their spring/summer collections on the runway were: Ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, Bikini Atoll, DIllettante, Empire Rose, Fenella Peacock, Flannel, Garth Cook, Morrison, One Fell Swoop, Poppy Lissiman, United Constructions, Zhivago and Zsadar.

The 2012 BETTS Creative Designer award winner for 2012 was Monster Alphabets. The finale featured pink inspired outfits based around the theme of a children’s birthday party. Each of the local design schools all had students submit submissions for consideration and the top 15 were chosen and featured on the runway and also in the STYLEAID magazine.

The STYLEAID Magazine continued to grow and expand and the largest format magazine was created for the 15th Birthday of the event.

The committee involved in 2012 was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Tamara Day, Renata Ogilvie, Desiree Kerr, Tony Salom, David Trapp, Carol Mackie, Gino Premici, Beau Meakins, Sue Morgan and Stephanie Patniotis.



For the first time STYLEAID Opulent created a story and film that formed the basis for all of the event collateral. The story by Christine Gibson was all about a brother and sister living in a run down mansion and the resulting photography is some of the strongest to date!

The Story “There is something seductive about the extreme; diving deep into the well of despair; soaring higher than the most dizzying of heights.

For Sophia and Sebastian, extremes form the base of their everyday existence, orphaned as young children, the siblings were lavished with the unimaginable and the unattainable. But their Uncle Sam’s compensation did little to alleviate the pain of losing their parents.

Pleasure is more that a pastime for them now, as they indulge in every whim, every desire, that their different minds can imagine.

They want for nothing and are tempted by everything.

And now, much like their home, their opulent lives are falling apart around them.”

The story was accompanied by the visuals and the lines – “the sensual touch of velvet”, ‘the depth of a midnight sky’, ‘the fragrance of a hundred roses’, the melodic tones of violins’ and ‘ the taste of life.’

The accompanying video of the story was featured on the STYLEAID website and a campaign was started on social media about sightings of Sophia and Sebastian around Perth to get some buzz happening about the event.

Stephanie Patniotis took over as the event coordinator in 2011.

The hosts for Opulent were Ali Bodycoat and Mark Reid with performances by Ali Bodycoat, Dancesport Dancers, DJ Anton Maz and a breathtaking performance by drag performer Miss Double D.

The following designers showed their spring/summer 20010/2011 ranges at STYLEAID Opulent: Aurelio Costarella, ae`lkemi, Garth Cook, Daniella Caputi, Dhufish, Fenella Peacock, United Constructions, Flannel, Zsadar, Empire Rose, Jaime Lee, One Fell Swoop and Morrison.

In addition to the above and a first for STYLEAID, the event profiled 2 retail outlets Dilettante and Zekka who showcased international heavyweights Vivienne Westwood, Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann and Rick Owens.

21 student designers from a range of local design schools in WA were given the opportunity to create an item of clothing, which was also presented to guests on the catwalk, as part of the 45 minute fashion parade in the finale.

The Opulent Committee was made up of Aly May, Jordan Burnham, Tamara Day, Stephanie Patniotis, Annette Lee, David Trapp, Tony Salom, Desiree Kerr, Carol Mackie, Beau Meakins, Gino Premici and Mark Reid.

STYLEAID Opulent saw the return of the photographic exhibition for a second year. The event was sponsored by the photographers who all donated their photographs for sale, Bendigo Community Bank Fremantle, Fitzgerald Photographic Lab, Vinaceous Wines, Catering Essentials, Fremantle Arts Centre and Preservation Framers and was held for 3 weeks at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

All of the photographs shown were sold out on the opening night of the exhibition. Photographers involved were Ross Wallace, Guy Gomeze, Tijana Lilic, Shirin Carter, V.A. White, Jon L Miller, Christine Tomas, Kathryn Sprigg, Hazel Buckley, Katharine Cooper and Romain Dugesne who had had the 5 hero shots from the Opulent campaign included for sale.

Major sponsors for 2011 were Burswood Resort, BETTS and M.A.C along with Travelworld Inglewood, SCOOP Magazine, Network Ten, European Foods, ABSOLUT, Vinaceous Wines, Kialis Broome Pearls, Gage Roads Brewing, Stockman Paper, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, L’Oreal, Funky Bunches, Angove Family Wines and Equilibrium who created and hosted the STYLEAID website.

The 8 VIP tables for the event sold out 12 weeks pre the event. All tickets sold out 4 weeks pre the event.

The STYLEAID magazine grew to 108 pages and also saw an increase in the editorial content sharing with reader’s information about the work of the WA AIDS Council.


For the theme of tribe, STYLEAID evolved into its second year back at Burswood Entertainment Complex and was hosted for the second time by Verity James who was joined by local boy Dave Dawes who had just taken out the title of 92.9s Hottest footy player and was selected as a 2010 finalist in Cleo Batchelor of the year.

In a change from previous events it was decided to not run an on stage auction but to work hard at selling raffle tickets up to and on the night for a range of top end prizes. Whilst the prizes were great the results were not fantastic and the raffle was a one of. An amazing series of shots were created by STYLEAID Creative Director Aly May and Photographer Penny Lane that fostered four young upcoming stylists to create outfits and looks all built around a specific colour. There was purple, green, brown, orange and pink.

Stylists involved were Eddie Dos Santos, Teagan Sewell, Aly May, Kiara Thomson and Chelsey Waite. The images were then used for all collateral, the magazine, the website and were used in the parade on the night of the event.

This was one of the biggest shoots to date with over 25 people working all day on the shoot.

Major sponsors involved in tribe were Burswood Entertainment Complex, M.A.C, Betts, ABSOLUT, Braziliano Coffee, San Pellegrino, Foote Francis Web Design, Funky Bunches, Stockman Paper Merchants, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, SCOOP Magazine, LUX, Gage Roads Brewing, PerthNOW, Travelworld Inglewood, Vinaceous Wines, Vmoto, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne, OMG Events and Kova Sound.

The tribe committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Anita Carver, Beau Meakins, Carol Mackie, David Gardiner, Dave Trapp, Desiree Kerr, Gino Premici, Heather Robbins, Mark Reid, Oscar Chong, Stephanie Patniotis, Tamara Day, Tony Salom and the new event coordinator Jordan Turnham.

Models came from Catherine Ruze Agency, Chadwick Models, Scene Model Management and Vivien’s Model Management.

Designers who took to the runway in 2010 included: ae’lkemi, Andrea Wolf, Antipodium, Arj Selvam, Aurelio Costarella, Flannel, Garth Cook, Kooey, Lonely 8-Bit Heroes, Of Cabbages and Kings, One Fell Swoop, PinchandSpoon, S2, the Butcher and the Crow, Timothy Godbold and United Constructions.

For a second year the Creative designer award was once again sponsored by ABSOLUT and the successful designer was presented with a $5000 cheque to assist with an aspect of creating their label and getting it into the market place. The prize this year also included mentoring from Australian designer Timothy Godbold. To quote Aly May at the time: “An impressive group of Western Australian emerging designers submitted their collections this year for the ABSOLUT Creative Award making it a very difficult decision for the selection panel. There were 4 outstanding young designers that all deserved to win but choice had to be made and Danielle Caputi is a worthy winner.”

Also for the second year, WA fashion students were asked to submit ideas based around the theme of tribe and with a particular color palette (orange) in mind to be considered for inclusion in the STYLEAID finale. They also had to include an element that created noise and this produced some exciting innovative designs.

The final students chosen were then invited to meet with Daniel and Nine from One Fell Swoop and Tane from Of Cabbages and Kings for some mentoring through the construction stage. The final garments made an incredible impression on the runway for the finale and featured 20 individual designs from some great talented young design students.

After a one year break the STYLEAID Photographic Exhibition returned with the theme of tribe. The exhibition was open to the public at the Orangery Fine Art Gallery for a month as well as going on show at the STYLEAID launch event on June 1 at (A)LLURE and in the arrival area outside the Grand Ballroom on the night of the event.

For inclusion this year photographers had to submit their photographs for consideration and the top 18 were selected to be produced and put on display. The successful photographers for 2010 were Kathryn Sprigg, DI Vidos, Christophe Canato, Meleah Farrell, Michelle Taylor and Matt Reed.

The STYLEAID after party was once again held at MINQ at Buswood.


In 2009 the event booked out 6 weeks prior to the night (the quickest ever) and 765 guests attended. The 11 VIP tables to the event sold out 12 weeks pre the event. WOW stood for White on White and was one of the dominant themes on the night in both the parade and with what guests wore to the event. Local models Rebecca Jones and Adam O’Connor were the faces for the event in 2009.

Three new cash sponsors joined the event with the signing of Australia Post, Fleet Partners and Forrest Chase who replaced Hawaiian and Van Lee. Other sponsors involved in the event for 2009 were M.A.C, L’Oreal, Network Ten, Burswood Entertainment Complex, Bam Creative, Stefan the Diamond Centre, European Foods, Travelworld Inglewood, Daniels Printing Craftsmen, Stockman Paper Merchants, BOX Magazine, Funky Bunches, Gage Roads Brewing, VMoto, ABSOLUT Vodka, BETTS, 92.9 and the three top model agencies – Chadwick Models, Scene Model Management and Vivien’s Model Management. Also joining for 2009 were Knee Deep Wines, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne and Blue Angel.

In a change for STYLEAID there were three hosts for the event with Alison Braun joining Narelda Jacobs and Rhys Bobridge on stage along with the first female auctioneer Amanda Dorn. Entertainment was provided by the 2Wink boys and the Dance Collective.

The WOW Committee was made up of Aly May, Carol Mackie, Paul McClurg, Annette Hasluck, Tony Salom, Emily Salom, Stephanie Patniotis Desiree Selvey, Miles Burke, Oscar Chong, Georgia McDonnell-Adams, Tamara Day, Beau Meakins, David Gardiner, Anita Carver, Glen Hunter and Mark Reid.

Designers whose collections were featured at WOW to make it the largest number of designers to showcase collections included: 2Wink Australia, Addam, Ae’lkemi, Alister Yiap, Almond Tree, Antipodium, Aurelio Costarella, Carly Hunter, Empire Rose, Flannel, Garth Cook, Lady Lascivious, Love In Tokyo, Mandi Mac, One Fell Swoop, Panache/33 Poets, Paper Skye, Ruth Tarvydas, S2, Stand International, United Constructions and 12 student designers from a range of the local design schools in Perth. The winner of the ABSOLUT Emerging Designer was Garth Cook.


STYLEAID Renaissance

This was the year that STYLEAID made its way back to Burswood Entertainment Complex and saw the event hosted for the first time by Narelda Jacobs from Network Ten and Paul O’Brien from Home and Away.

This was the second year that VanLee Constructions was on board as the naming rights sponsor for the event and were joined by other principal sponsors: Hawaiian, M.A.C, Burswood Entertainment Complex, Carillon City, Claremont Arcade, The Colonnade, San Pellegrino, Braziliano Coffee, Chalice Bridge Estate Wines, Belvedere Vodka, Gage Roads Brewing, Power Music, LUX, Kova Sound, Funky Bunches, Stefan the Diamond Centre, Lamb Print, BOX Magazine, Network Ten, Globetrotter Corporate Travel, Stockman Paper, (A)LLURE, MINQ and Veuve Clicquot.

The images used in the STYLEAID magazine and across all event collateral were shot by Ian and Erick Regnard and featured models Yasmine and Josh from Scene with the concept and styling coming from Aly May, with co production from Mark Reid and hair by Paul McClurg and make up from Carol Mackie.

The models came from Scene Model Management, Vivien’s, Chadwick Models, Metro Models and Reid Model Management.

In 2008 the STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Ricky Arnold, Stephanie Patniotis, Georgia McDonnell-Adams, Paul McClurg, Carol Mackie, Miles Burke, Oscar Chong, Tony Salom, Desiree Selvey, Emily Salom, Tamara Day, Matt Lee and Mark Reid.

The magazine once again changed shape and size with a strong editorial content featuring the work of the WA AIDS Council and was once again edited by Gavin McGuren with all of the graphic design work done by Desiree Selves.

In another first for STYLEAID, a brand new and exciting project evolved between Stockman Paper Merchants and STYLEAID. A range of designers were invited to create a garment to be constructed from “EnDURO Ice”, a semi translucent, laminated paper that does not tear but can be cut, sewn and constructed into a high end fashion garment.

The entries received were then judged by Chris Grant from Stockman Paper, Mark Reid from STYLEAID and Kristie Barnett, leading WA designer and textile maker of ae’lkemi accessories.

The winner of the design challenge was Leanne Lim and her completed gown closed the STYLEAID parade and could be found featured in all media post the event.

The designers showcasing their current collections were ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, Antipodium, One Fell Swoop, Ruth Tarvydas, Material Boy, Stand International, Lola Australia, su and United Constructions.

The emerging designers element of the runway parade took on a new dimension for 2008 with any interested new designer asked to submit an expression of interest if they were launching either their first or second collection. 25 expressions of interest were received and a panel of industry judges that included STYLEAID stylist and parade producer Aly May, Marie and Daniel from One Fell Swoop and Mark Reid (STYLEAID Event Manager) short list 9 designers and then make the choice of the final 5 who were then asked to show their upcoming collections as part of the parade.

This added yet another way that STYLEAID was helping to evolve, support and nurture new emerging designers in Perth.

The five designers that were selected were: Alistair Yiap, Carly Hunter, Lincoln by Lincoln Ferguson, Of Cabbages and Kings and S2.

The STYLEAID Photographic Exhibition was run for the third year and were officially launched at the STYLEAID launch event at (A)LLURE at Burswood on June 4 and then shown at the Turner Galleries in North Perth for a two week showing.

This time the photographers were not matched with designers but were given free reign to come up with an image that would best represent Renaissance for them.

Photographers selected to be included were: Stef King, Michelle Taylor, Oscar Chong, Gary Sandford, Christophe Canato, Nicole McCluskey, Ian & Eric Regnard, Robert Frith Price, Penny Lane, Pierre Toussaint and Di Vidos.

The STYLEAID after party was held upstairs at Burswood in MINQ.

STYLEAID Reflections

The STYLEAID magazine evolved once again and was presented to guests in its largest format to date – a large square publication that was 88 pages in length.

For a third year the event was held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and the launch/sponsors event was held in the ballroom at the Parmelia Hilton Perth. The magazine was edited by Gavin McGuren for the second year and all of the graphic design work was once again done by Desiree Selves.

For the 10th STYLEAID the hosts for the event were Hayden Tee (who came across for a second serve of STYLEAID) and his partner Jeremy Youett. With both Hayden and Jeremy coming from a musical theatre background they performed a show stopping opening number.

2007 marked the first time that STYLEAID had secured a naming rights sponsor for the event. The Van Lee Construction signed a two year contract to be the naming right sponsor for the event and to also create part of the staging for the event – a large red ribbon stage/stairs that created a central focal point for the evening.

Sponsors for the 10th STYLEAID included: Carillon City, Claremont Arcade, Colonnade, San Pellegrino, Braziliano Coffee, M.A.C, Chalice Bridge Estate Wines, Belvedere Vodka, Brinkhaus Jewellers, VMoto, Gage Roads Brewing, blinc studio, Bam Creative, Power Music, LUX, Kova Sound, Network Ten, BOX Magazine, Globetrotter Corporate Travel, Parmelia Hilton Hotel, Stockman Paper, Lamb Print, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Code Bloom, the WA Ballet and Veuve Clicquot.

Designers showcasing their latest spring/summer collections were: ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, One Fell Swoop, Ericamerica, Preacher, Ashe, Ruth Tarvydas, Pia Benett, Material Boy, Grace + Scarper, Bond + Fredericks, Zanthus Australia, Su. The emerging design talent featured were: Chauncey, Kooey, The Valentine Project, Velvet Sushi and Stand International.

The STYLEAID photographic exhibition was back for a second year with top photographers asked to create an image based around the theme of ‘reflections’. Photographers were once again matched with some of the top WA Designers to create unique and creative images that were launched at the STYLEAID sponsors launch event on July 3 at the Parmelia Hilton Perth in the Ballroom. The photographs were then shown in a limited showing at the Johnston Gallery in Mosman Park and then displayed at the event on the walls of the Ballroom.

For the second year some of the photographers included were: Michelle Taylor, Jody Pachnuk, Carly Sandford, Eric and Ian Regnard, Stefan Gosati, Oscar Chong, Robert Frith, Stef King, Ivan Shaw and Frances Andrijich.

The STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Carol Mackie, Paul McClurg, Tony Salom, Miles Burke, Georgia McDonnell-Adams, Ricky Arnold, Stephanie Patniotis, Gavin McGuren, Oscar Chong, Desiree Selvey, Emily Salom, Melissa Suric and Mark Reid.

The after party for the event was held at Connections Nightclub.


This was the second year for STYLEAID at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and was hosted by the incomparable Verity James along with an up and coming performer Hayden Tee (who would go on to thrill audiences in 2015 with his performance in Les Miserables, which he will be bringing to Broadway in 2016). Hayden also performed on the night along with a specially created Latin Ballroom dance number.

The models on the runway were provided by Chadwick Models, Chic Management, Reid Models, Scene Model Management, Spiers Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management and Xtreem Models.

Major sponsor for Heaven were: Carillon City, San Pellegrino, Braziliano Coffee, M.A.C, Chalice Bridge Estate Wines, Smirnoff Vodka, Brinkhaus Jewellers, VMoto, Gage Roads, blinc studio, Lexi for Flowers, Bam Creative, Power Music, OMG Events, LUX, Network Ten, BOX Magazine, Globetrotter Corporate Travel, Parmelia Hilton Perth, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Connections Nightclub and Veuve Clicquot.

The STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Ricky Arnold, Stephanie Patniotis, Georgia McDonnell-Adams, Paul McClurg, Carol Mackie, Miles Burke, Oscar Chong, Tony Salom, Natasha Marshall-Donnelly, Desiree Selvey, Gavin McGurren and Mark Reid.

The designers whose collections were shown included: ae’lkemi, lushlife, merge (a collective of designers that included the labels Katou, Elsie-Jean, Joannie Wong, Coercian, LesserLantern, Julia Silk, Story By Tang and Zanthus), Joveeba, Preacher, su, Material Boy, Belle Bijoux Australia and One Fell Swoop.

It was the first and only year that Aurelio Costarella was not included in the runway parade.

The emerging designer list was increased to 6 designers for 2006 and they were: Bim Kenesis, Paper Doll, Stewart & Mcgie, Pia Bennett, United Constructions and Zeitgeist Design.

The finale this year was a showing of the ‘Comfort for Wool” collection that featured a range of local designers including Megan Salmon, Louise Snook and Melissa Yap. A unique and creative addition also made its first appearance at STYLEAID with a new idea from Aly May. Twenty top Perth designers each donated a garment that would later be sold to raise additional funds and then twenty of Perth’s top photographers each agreed to produce a limited edition photograph of one of the garments. These completed photographs were then revealed along with the finale garments at the very first VIP sponsors launch event on June 27 at the Parmelia Hilton Perth.

The photographs were then exhibition in a range of retail spaces in the lead up the event and then sold through the launch event and on the night of STYLEAID. The launch of the photographs also featured in a front page editorial in the Sunday Times Magazine in the lead up to the launch.

Photographers who were involved in this new concept included: Ivan Shaw, Oscar Chong, the Regnards, Di Vidos, Carine Thevenau, Stefan Gosati, Chantel Concei, Jody Pachnuk, Frances Andrijich, Dragana Spasich and Tony Nathan.

The STYLEAID after party was held at Bullion Bar and Gentelmen’s Club in East Perth.


Joy was the theme and the colour for all of the looks for the special finale were all created in shades of red. The STYLEAID programme evolved into a magazine and grew to an impressive 80 pages and featured a range of articles based around a range of topics for the STYLEAID audience to enjoy that included music, hair and make up. The magazine was edited by James Forbes.

The imagery featured in the magazine and on the tickets and the invitations came directly from the donated couture pieces from designers who designed and donated special red garments that would be auctioned on eBay after the event.

The shoot was coordinated by Aly May and shot by Oscar Chong from Blinc Studio. Designers who created and donated outfits were: Preacher, Periscope, DD, Sheree Dornan, e.yre, Julia Silk, su, Flirt, Story by Tang, Jane Coulthard, Mandimac, One Fell Swoop, Ruzena, Moocha Bella, Michelle Jank, Ruff Clothing, Aurelio Costarella, Samaras and ae’lkemi.

This was the year that STYLEAID moved to the newly opened Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The collections that were shown on the runway were: ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, ericamerica, Ruff Clothing, Ruth Tarvydas, Sauce Swimwear, Story by Tang and su. The four emerging designers for 2005 were E YRE, One Fell Swoop, Preacher and Truly Designs.

The host for Joy was Alex Zabotto-Bentley the designer behind the label Fashionassassin who made a real impact all night.

Major sponsors for the event included M.A.C, Carillon City, Brinkhaus Jewellers, San Pellegrino, Globetrotter Corporate Travel, Tempus Two Wines, Smirnoff Vodka, Braziliano Coffee, Network Ten, VMoto, Connections Nightclub, Stockman Paper Merchants, Bam Creative, Blinc Studio and Gage Roads.

In 2005 the STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, James Forbes, Oscar Chong, Jane Coulthard, Tonia McNeilly, Claire McGowan, Tony Salom, Natasha Marshall, Miles Burke, Leah Dent, Justin Davies, Paul McClurg, Carol Mackie and Mark Reid.

Performers included the cast of Rent and a specially created TMG Ballroom production number. Models were provided by Chadwick Models, Reid Models, Scene Model Management, Spiers Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management and Xtreem Agency.


STYLEAID went quite dark with the theme NOIR for 2004 in the second year of the event at the University of Western Australia in the special marquee and parade once again in Winthrop Hall. Noir was a fitting theme for the event which was held on Friday the 13th.

Verity James was the host this year, for what would continue a long associated connection with the WA AIDS Council and STYLEAID. Performers for Noir were the Dance Collective, Julia Jenkins, Connections Nightclub performers, Bent Knee Productions and the West Australian Ballet once again returned with an originally choreographed piece for the event.

Make up teams were provided by M.A.C and directed by Hendra Widjaja and Carol Mackie and the hairdressing teams were coordinated by Paul Mcclure.

The STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Annette Hasluck, Tonia McNeilly, Emma Phillips, Paul O’Connor, Paul McClurg, Hendra Widjaja, Carol Mackie and Mark Reid.

Major sponsors for 2004 included Carillon City, San Pellegrino, Braziliano Coffee, M.A.C, Pedersens Hire, the Unversity of Western Australia, Tempus Two Wines, Deutz Brut, Birra Moretti, Smirnoff Vodka, Comestibles Catering, Mustard Catering, Network Ten, SCOOP, Red Bull, Matrix, Power Music, Connections Nightclub, The Ninth Floor, Bam Creative and Baileys.

Models were provided by Scene Model Management, Spiers Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management, Chadwick Models and Xtreem Models.

STYLEAID Noir designers were: ae’lkemi, Aurelio Costarella, ericamerica, Ruth Tarvydas, Sachi Shoes, Sauce Swimwear, sevndesign and su. The 4 emerging designers that were chosen to showcase their collections were: MOnoh, minniMon, Ruff and Story by Tang.

This was the first year that a special finale was created around the theme. With a concept from stylist supremo Aly May the idea to invite the best designers in Perth to create individual pieces based on the theme to be used in a stunningly choreographed finale unlike anything else seen in Perth before.

The outfits were then auctioned off on line to raise additional funds for the WA AIDS Council.

The designers who participated in creating a one of dress for the finale were: Aime Christie, an an, Cameo Fox, Silvia Car, Jaclin Chouchana, D, Sheree Dornan, the Dressmaker, FornerlyKnowAs, Paula Gaiz, Hollow, isixseven, Elsie Jean, Joveeba, Lesser Lantern, Lushlilfe, Method, Moocha Bella, ngami, Oomph, Periscope, Pierucci, the Rubi House, Megan Salmon, Julia Silk, West Surfwear, Elna Wilde and Joanie Wong.

The STYLEAID after party was hosted and held at Connections Nightclub.


STYLEAID moved to the grounds of the University of Western Australia in a large specially constructed marquee for entertainment and dinner with the parade happening in Winthrop Hall with the them “Perform”.

The hosts for Perform were Jo Beth Taylor and Jeremy Gregory who also performed his latest single for the audience. The event also included another amazing performance from the WA Ballet, the Dance Collective, the Drag Kings and Miss Cherry from Connections.

In 2003 the STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Paul O’Connor, Annette Hasluck , Tonia McNeilly, Marie Hewson, Emma Phillips, Paul McClurg, Hendra Widjaja and Mark Reid. Event coordinator Mark Reid was a finalist in the Community Services Industry Awards – Outstanding Achievement by and Individual.

The major sponsors involved were Carillon City, Birra Moretti, Braziliano Coffee, M.A.C, Brinkhaus Jewellers, Xanadu Wines, San Pellegrino, Network Ten, Alize, Connections Nightclub, Bam Creative, G&L Travel, Pedersens Hire, Comestibles Catering, SCOOP Magazine, Deutz Sparkling and Xpress Magazine.

This was the first year that the event featured emerging talent on the runway and the designers that showcased their new collections were: Formallyknownas (FKA), Sevn Design, Ladies & Gentlemen, Klab, Sheree Dornan and Porcelean.

Established designers shown were: Aurelio Costarella, ae’lkemi, ericamerica, Ruth Tarvydas, Jaclin Chouchana, dd by Megan Salmon and su Design.

The STYLEAID magazine grew to 44 pages and featured Ryan Porter from Viviens and Mimm Porter from the Ninth Floor as the faces for the event, with photography by Di Vidos and concept and styling from Aly May.

The STYLEAID after party was held at Connections Nightclub.

Executive Director Trish Langdon noted in here welcome on the magazine that for the first time in 10 years there had been an increase in new HIV diagnoses in Australia. “Here in Australia we have been arguably at the forefront of HIV education and prevention over the past 15 years but as the world continues to be decimated by this virus it is important that we do not rest on our laurels. It is important that we maintain our focus and redouble our efforts.”

STYLEAID Distortion

It was time to move from the Hyatt Regency as we had outgrown the space and so it was the first foray into what was then the Burswood Resort Perth and into the Grand Ballroom for an event where we lifted the numbers to 900 for the first and last time. The 2 models/performers chosen as the ‘faces’ for the event were Sophia Barbagallo and Tom Foss, both coming from a dance background that fitted the photoshoot and theme to perfection.

This was the first year that STYLEAID introduced VIP tables at the event with 3 tables sold – 1 for $5000 and the other 2 at $3000 each. All three of them sold 8 weeks before the event. Another innovation for Distortion was the inclusion of the STYLEAID sponsors thank you event that was hosted at Luxe Bar in Mt Lawley.

The hosts for Distortion were Blair McDonough and Katie Underwood. The event sold out 4 weeks before tickets went on sale.

In a first for the event the male life savers from North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving were involved in the event serving San Pellegrino to guests on arrival in their speedos. The other entertainment on the night was provided by DJ Paul Raphael who was accompanied by Graeme Blevins on Sax and Sohjan on drums, an opening number featuring the Perth Capoeira troupe and drummers, a finale featuring the WA Ballet.

Fresh out of the Big Brother house, Nathan joined Frank Torre on stage to keep the bidding up for the auction.

This was the first year that STYLEAID focussed on WA Designers only and introduced an emerging designers section into the parade, featuring a range of new designers to the STYLEAID audience.

The designers showcasing their collections Aurelio Costarella, Megan Salmon, Su, Ae’lkemi, C.Design, i67, Ruth Tarvydas, Breathlesselfh, Periscope, Ngami, mien, Moskin, Vinzent, Jennifer Gaye Design Munting Daughter, Silly Rabbit, Palette, Pierucci, Silvia Car and Artisans of the Sea – Kailis Broome Pearls, Anne Farren, Elsie-Jean, Petrafanella, Ericaamerica and d.

Sponsors involved with the event included Burswood Entertainment Centre, Swift & Moore, Braziliano Coffee, San Pellegrino, M.A.C, Network 10, ACCESS 31,SCOOP Magazine, Xpress Magazine, Montana Wines,Heineken, Alize, Lionel Samson, Xanadu Wines, LUXE Bar, AVLA, WA Ballet, West Australian Fashion Industry Association Inc (WAFIA), Red Bull, koro fine australian jewellery, Tommy European Foods, STA Travel, Power Music, L’Oeral Paris, Schwarzkopf, CPI paper, ZOMP and Advance Press.

The after party was held at the Ruby Room at Burswood and gave guests the chance to get VIP entry and a free drink on arrival and an exclusive STYLEAID only area on the third floor.

The Distortion committee was made up of Aly May, Paul O’Connor, Hendra for M.A.C, Paul McClurg, Annette Hasluck, Tonia McNeilly, Dominique Monteleone, Emma Phillips, Marie Hewson, Sean Lofts, Russell Dewson-Jones and Mark Reid.


The fourth STYLEAID saw another increase in the number of guests attending the event from 450 to 500 guests and was once again held at the Hyatt Regency Perth in the grand ballroom.

The theme for 2001 was ‘Dream to Be’ and featured the delightful Emma Booth (One of WA’s top models, who would go on to become an award nominated film actor) and Dennis from Viviens who featured as the angel in all of the event imagery. For a second year the STYLEAID magazine won a gold medal at the Printing Industry Awards for excellence.

2001 was also the first year of involvement of M.A.C with them signing on as donors of all the profits from the sale of the VIVA Glam lipsticks in Perth to come directly to the WA AIDS Council and to be the official make up provider for the event – a partnership that continues today!

The hosts for the event this year were Daniel MacPherson and Tottie Goldsmith and featured another performance by the WA Ballet as well as a string quartet from the West Australian Symphony.

This was the year that saw Nectar Imperial from Moet & Chandon make its Perth debut at STYLEAID to much fanfare and with a specially choreographed presentation to guests attending.

Designers showcasing their latest collections this year were: Aurelio Costarella, Munk, Alex Perry, Megan Salmon, Avatar with Tania Tehan, Tsubi, Morrissey, Blanchet, Robin Alexander, su, ae’lkemi, C Design, i67, Ace, Narelle Dore, Ruth Tarvydas, Breathlesselfth, Sachi, Periscope, Shane Munson designs, Paablo Nevada, Peter Alexander and Pretty Woman & William.

Due to a mix up with the delivery the latest menswear collection from the boys from tsubi did not arrive in time for the show and in what would become a highlight of the night, stylist Aly May sent the male models down the runway with pom poms and the TSUBI written on their backs.

The STYLEAID committee for the 2001 event was made up of: Aly May, Paul O’Connor, Mark Reid (who had moved into the Fundraising coordinator/STYLEAID Event management role),Shane Munson, Annette Hasluck, Joanna Calder, Tonia McNeilly, Jane Hough, Dina Allen, Jackie Sklenka, Dominique Monteleone, Emma Phillips, Paul McClurg and Hendra Widjaja.

Major sponsors for the event were: Hyatt Regency Perth, AVLA, Canadian Club, Moet & Chandon, Chateau Xanadu, Jaguar, Koro Fine Australian Jewellery, Lionel Samson, Network Ten, San Pellegrino, Schwartzkopf, STA Travel, Vogue and Xpress Magazine. Xpress magazine produced a CD of specially produced electronic music that was presented to all guests on the night.

This was also the first year that the tag line “Until There’s A Cure” was first used in association with the event and guests were reminded of the reason for STYLEAID with the following passage that was included in the STYLEAID programme that was changed once again with a special die cut look and once again spiral bound.

“Recently we passed the 20th Anniversary of HIV/AIDS In the world. This epidemic has touched all of us in some way over the past 20 years and recently a young black boy with AIDS in South Africa touched the hearts of the world.

‘We are human beings, we can walk, we can talk, we have hands, we have feet just like everyone else, we are all the same.’ So began the plea for acceptance from Nkosi Johnson when he stole the hearts of the world at the International AIDS Conference in Durban.

Nkosi was born with HIV and lost his mother to the disease. Nelson Mandela has described him as ‘an icon for the struggle for life.’ This young man with the sparkling personality has struggled to overcome the dreadful reality of his condition and recently said: “I feel like I’m going to die quickly, like my mother died, very soon, but at least she got to be a grown up, I hate having this disease.”

Nkosi sadly died early on June 1 in his sleep, he had collapsed in early December from AIDS related brain damage.

His plight reminds us that HIV/AIDS is still a part of all of our lives and it is up to us all to join together to make a difference… until there’s a cure.”


It was in the year 2000 and the third outing of the event that a theme was announced that would impact the whole event. For the third STYLEAID “Indulge” was the theme chosen by event stylist Aly May and the committee.

The theme was based around the 5 senses and was also the first year that a photo shoot was done to create a series of images that would be used for the programme, the invitations and the tickets for the event.

The STYLEAID programme was evolving and grew to 42 pages and changed again in size to a landscape spiral bound design. The STYLEAID programme went on to win a prestigious gold medal at the Printing Industry Awards for excellence.

The programme included this wonderful quote from Elizabeth Taylor, who at the time was a strong advocate for people with HIV/AIDS around the world: “AIDS has come upon us with cruel abandon. It has forced us to confront and deal with the frailty of our being and the reality of death. It has forced us into a realisation that we must cherish every moment of the glorious experience of this thing we call life. We are learning to value our own lives and the rest of our loved ones as if any moment may be the last.”

WA AIDS Council Chairperson Trish Langdon then went on to write: “Elizabeth Taylor is a truly indulgent and glamorous woman. She has captured in few words what the AIDS epidemic means for her. Many other people share this sentiment and know, from experience, the words have special significance. So in honour of the many people who have died from AIDS and others living with the virus, we are here to ‘cherish the moments’ and to indulge in the third STYLEAID.”

Designers involved in Indulge were: Aurelio Costarella, Avatar, Blanchet, Breathless, C Design, Coda Munk, Country Road, Easton Pearson, Joseph Tilli, Megan Salmon, Morrissey, Pigsinspace, Ruth Tarvydas, Saba, Scanlon & Theodore, Shantha, su, Wayne Cooper, Zambesi and Tania Tehan.

The third STYLEAID committee was made up of Aly May, Aaron Davey, Paul O’Connor, Tami McMahon (WA AIDS Council Fundraising Coordinator and STYLEAID event manager), Mark Reid, Joanna Calder, Annette Hasluck, Trish Langdon, Emma Phillips, Melissa Lekias, Paul McClurg, Hendra Widjaja, Trish Flanagan and Becky Selwood. The hosts for the event in 2000 were Christina Morrissey, Vanessa Wagner and a return visit from Nathan Harvey.

Major sponsors for STYLEAID Indulge were: The Colonnade, Koro Fine Australian Jewellery, Country Road, Jaguar, Moet & Chandon, Finlandia Vodka, Montana Wines, San Pellegrino, Hyatt Regency Perth, Margaret River Chocolate Company, AVLA and Edwards Dunlop.

Models were provided by Jemma International, Spiers Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management and Carberry Model Management. Hair and make up was coordinated by Hendra Widjaja and Zulica Sizik.

The event once again saw 450 people attend a night of fashion, fine dining, entertainment and auctions to raise further funds for the work of the WA AIDS Council.


The second STYLEAID saw a return to the Hyatt Regency and after the success of the first year saw an increase to 450 guests. The event was hosted by personalities Nathan Harvey and Fiona Horne and was the first time that the WA Ballet was involved in performing at the event.

The event featured entertainment from Elly Deslandes and Big Al and the Vibrolators as well as a surprise set from a then unknown Alex Lloyd who took to the stage with his guitar for an acoustic set.

Major sponsors for the second STYLEAID were: The Colonnade, Finlandia Vodka, Moet & Chandon, Hyatt Regency Perth, Montana Wines, San Pellegrino, Baci, WA Ballet, Margaret River Chocolate Company and Paradigm Shift.

Models in the parade come from Jemma International, Spiers Model Management, Vivien’s Model Management and Carberry Model Management.

The fashion showcased on the runway in 1999 was: Alannah Hill, Avatar, Ali Wood, Alex Perry, Collette Dinnigan, C Design, Elements, Esprit, Jac Allen, Lisa Ho, Myer City, Pierucci, Morrissey, Nicola Finetti, Ray Costarella, Ruth Tarvydas, Samantha Wynne, Saba, Wayne Cooper, Scanlon & Theodore, Spppsssp and Sunseeker. This was also the first year that the STYLEAID program discovered a real design element with a transparent red see through wrap around as well as a reversed 2 sided long programme.

The STYLEAID 99 committee was made up of Aaron Davey, Aly May, Emma Phillips, Paul McClurg, Jackie Sklenka, Paul Oswald, Chelsea Evans, Paul O’Connor, Mark Reid, Joanna Calder, Cecily O’Neill, Annette Hasluck, Lyle Hendri, Nana Neil Van Zee, Hendra Widjaja and was chaired by WA AIDS Council Chairperson Trish Langdon. Tami McMahon was the WA AIDS Council STYLEAID Event Manager for 1999.



The first event was held at the Hyatt Perth in the ballroom and included 400 guests who indulged in a specially designed menu and fashion from a range of local designers, as well as retailers and well known Australian designers.

The designers for the inaugural event were: Avatar, Saba, Morrissey, Akira Isogawa, Ruth Tarvydas, Third Millennium, C Design, Ray Costarella, spppsssp, Fiona Andrews, Lisa Ho, Esprit, Marcs, Trent Nathan, Alex Perry, Jane Lamerton, Perri Cutten, Simona, Harry Who, Cartier, George Gross and Myer Imports.

The event was hosted by former Miss Universe Kerry Anne Wells and the major sponsors were the Hyatt Regency Perth, United Distillers, Matilda Bay Brewing Co, San Pellegrino, Street Design, Touchstone Colour and Picton Press.

Supporting sponsors included: Cartier, Carberry’s Model Agency, Jemma International, Spiers Models, Ashton Admor, EMI, Columbia Tristar, Clues, Villa Bianchi, Paul McClurg for Hair.

The very first STYLEAID committee was made up of: Aaron Davey, Anthony Harden, Emma Phillips, Paul McClurg, Aly May, Paul Oswald, Lyn Marie Hegarty, Joanna Calder, Judy Carr, Mark Reid, Chelsea Bosenberg, Terry Larder, Melissa Preston, Annette Hasluck, Diane Redmond, Nana Neil Van Zee and Nina Tulic. The very first committee was chaired by Trish Langdon then Chair of the WA AIDS Council. The WA AIDS Council STYLEAID Event Manager was Tami McMahon.

The very first STYLEAID program was just 24 pages in length and featured sponsor ads, information about the designers involved with the event, personal stories from 3 people living with HIV and a thank you page.

As Trish said in here welcoming page of the magazine: “This inaugural event combines fashion and fun whilst raising much needed funds to deliver services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Western Australia. The fashion industry has, and continue to be, strong supporters in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Tonight we see their support, and that of all the sponsors and volunteers that have made this event possible.

The very human impact of HIV/AIDS has powerfully shaped many lives and the attitude of the community. Who can forget the images and the stories of people living with HIV/AIDS - the flickering light illuminating the faces of families and friends at Candlelight Vigils, the powerful and colourful display of remembrance quilts, and the image of a Princess hugging a person living with HIV/AIDS. It is with this remembrance, and our history, that we continue the vital work of the Western Australian AIDS Council.”


STYLEAID Random Facts

Over the years STYLEAID has played host to a range of model talent who were just beginning their careers and would go on to have international careers.

These have included Gemma Ward, Nicole Trunfio, Amy Finlayson, Tom Bull and of course Emma Booth who has gone on to eek out an impressive film career.

Over the course of 18 years STYLEAID has raised over $1,400,000 for the WA AIDS Council.

After 18 years 10,790 guests have attended the event.

Over 1450 models have graced the runway over the past 18 years. 4690 volunteers have been involved in running the event – this includes front of house, backstage, models, hair and make up artists and the STYLEAID committee.

Children are exposed to pornography at a young age, thanks to the internet, social media and smartphones. 

The negative effects of this exposure is amplified without education and discussion. But is it appropriate to watch and dissect pornography in the classroom?

Heather Brunskell-Evans examines this issue over at The Conversation

To learn more about the WA AIDS Council's education programs, please click here



Our Mission

To minimise the impact and further transmission of HIV, other blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections. To reduce social, legal and policy barriers which prevent access to health information and effective support and prevention services.